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SIMS Parent

 We are relaunching SIMS parent as a convenient way to communicate information to you and for you to access, review and request changes to the data held on you and your children direct from your phone, as well as being able to see key term dates. It is therefore important that we have an up-to-date email address on record for you.

You should be able to access our parent app at your own convenience via smartphone, tablet, or PC – anytime, anywhere.

 What will you find (as well as a messaging service) in the new ‘SIMS parent’ app:

· School term, inset dates and contact details available at the click of a button.

· Access to update your contact details, so we always have the most up-to-date information in case of an emergency.

· If you have more than one child at school, you’ll have access to this information for all children.


Getting started with the SIMS parent

Ø  We will be sending you an ‘activation code’ via the email address you gave to us. Simply click on the link from your tablet, PC, or smartphone to accept your invitation.

Ø  You can then register/login using your normal Google or Microsoft, Facebook, or Twitter username and password. (If you are prompted for a date of birth then please input your child’s date of birth/not your own)

Ø  From your smartphone or tablet, then download the app from the Google Play or Apple App store – (see video below).

Ø  OR from a PC or windows phone, login online at


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