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Good Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy

We operate a positive behaviour and discipline policy at Westvale where we encourage and reward good behaviour. We expect a high standard of behaviour and courtesy from all our children both in and out of school. We ask you to support the school in matters of discipline remembering there are two sides to every story and facts can often get distorted by children.

The school is best placed to judge and take appropriate action in relation to any discipline matter. If you are concerned about any aspect of school life please let your child’s class teacher or the Headteacher know and help us to help your child.

Each class teacher will discuss an agreed code of conduct with the children. This is based on:

  • Pupils always striving to do their best;
  • Respect for staff, visitors and each other;
  • Encouraging a quiet, calm and orderly atmosphere;
  • Caring for the school, its equipment and its grounds.

At Westvale we operate a “go and tell” policy regarding bullying.

All the teachers are fully aware of what constitutes bullying and the signs. We aim to ensure:

  • All pupils understand we do not tolerate acts of bullying;
  • That adults are always available to provide support and action;
  • New children are aware of the school attitude to bullying;
  • We encourage children to speak out without fear of being accused of “telling tales”.
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