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Reception (Foundation 2)

Miss E Fealey Reception Class Teacher

Miss R Marsh Reception Class Teaching Assistant (Monday – Wednesday)

Dear Parents/Carers and Children,

Welcome back to everyone after our Easter break. Our topic for Summer 1 will be ‘Growth and Change’. We will be reading stories and information books about living things, with a particular focus on plants. We will also be learning nursery rhymes and songs related to our new topic.

As part of our Understanding the World learning, we will be finding out more about seasonal change. We look forward to the weather becoming warmer and all the activities we can do outdoors.

There is, of course, a sustained emphasis on the importance of health and hygiene. Regularly washing and sanitising their hands has become second nature to the children now, which links to their self-care development. We continue to promote and model good hygiene practices.

It is great to see so many children bringing water bottles to school. We encourage the children to keep hydrated, especially in the warmer Summer months. The issue of sun safety is also important. When the weather is expected to be warm, please apply sun cream to your child before coming to school. We do have sun hats for outdoor use, but if you would prefer your child to wear their own hat/cap, please make sure it is labelled with their name.

We look forward to a busy and exciting half term ahead,

Take care and stay safe!

Miss Fealey and the Reception team

Home Learning

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