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Reception (Foundation 2)

Ms. E Fealey - Teacher

Reception Class

Ms. E Fealey – Teacher
Mrs L Cooper  - Teacher

Reception Class

Mrs L Cooper  – Teacher
Mrs P Hodgson - TA

Reception Class

Mrs P Hodgson – TA

Open Evening for Early Years

We hope you’ve all had a well-rested break. We are looking forward to learning new things and making even more new memories! This half term, our topic is ‘Seasons and Celebrations.’ The children will be learning all about day and night, season changes and the different celebrations we celebrate at this time of year.

In Phonics, the children will continue to recognise, blend, read and write Set 1 sounds. In Maths, we will be looking at multiple topics such as Changes within 5, Number bonds to 5, and Space. This term, our texts for Literacy are; ‘Rama and Sita’ and ‘Biscuit Bear’.

Some useful information:

  • Snack is £1 for the whole week.
  • Reception will have PE every Tuesday. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school and your child’s name is inside every item of clothing.
  • Reading books and homework will go home every Friday and they must be returned the following week. We do not provide book bags in class. Please speak to the office if you wish to purchase a book bag.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Cooper & Mrs Hodgson


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