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Nursery (Foundation 1)

Miss R Sanders - Teacher


Miss R Sanders – Teacher
Miss  R Marsh - TA


Miss  R Marsh – TA

Open Evening for Early Years

A warm welcome to our Nursery page!

In Nursery, we link learning to the children’s interests and aim to develop their knowledge and skills through high quality provision and experiences both inside and outside the classroom! This half term, our topic is ‘Light and Dark’. Children are going to be exploring the different seasons – please ensure children are dressed in warm clothing during the coldest time of the year as we will be taking part in lots of outdoor learning!  Children will also be experiencing a variety of celebrations that take place during this time of year – starting with Diwali (the festival of lights) were we will make a Diva candle holder. We will be enjoying stories by our class author Martin Waddell and singing plenty of nursery rhymes – please ask your children to share these with you. In Maths we will be working toward having a deep understanding of the number two using a maths mastery approach. Challenge your child to find a number two around their home or on the walk to school.

We have had a fantastic start to the Year and are very excited for the learning journey ahead with our wonderful class!

Miss Sanders – Teacher
Miss Marsh – Teaching Assistant


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