Homework is an important part of children’s’ education. Initially this will be in the form of parents hearing their children read A “Home Reading Diary” will be given to every child from Reception to Year 6 and parents are asked to spend about 10 minutes a day either sharing a story, listening to the child read or discussing a book.  Please use the home reading diary as a way of communicating progress with the class teacher.

In addition children will be given work to do at home.  Tasks  may include a spelling list, multiplication tables or researching information linked to a curriculum subject and class work. All Key Stage two pupils will be given a free homework book for Maths and English to complete appropriate exercises each week as instructed . In year 6 the amount of homework may increase to support their SATs preparation in May. We ask parents to support and help their children ensuring homework is completed to a good standard.

Provision can be found for a child to have a quiet place in school to complete homework on request or where there is a need.

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