Our Staff

Mrs. Angela Afflick
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs. Julie Haywood
Miss K McIntosh – Teacher
Mrs. P Hodgson- TA
Reception Class
Ms. E Fealey – Teacher
Miss R Marsh – TA (0.6)
Class 1H – Year 1
Miss A Hedley – Teacher
Mrs L Stewart – TA 
Year 2H
Mrs. J. Harris – Teacher
Mrs M Wright – TA
Class 3KW – Year 3 
Mrs T Kelly – Teacher
Miss H Wilson – Teacher
Mrs. T. Millington – TA
Class 4B – Year 4
Mrs J Bailey – Teacher
Mrs K Tracey – TA
Class 5M – Year 5
Mrs C Munro – Teacher
Mrs. M McGrath – TA
Class 6CH – Year 6
Mrs. J Haywood – Teacher
Mr C Carson – Teacher
Mrs. J Donoghue – TA
Mrs. T Kelly
Learning Mentor:
Mrs. Y Melvin
Office Staff:
Mrs. H. Salkeld (Business Manager)
Mrs. S Geddes
Miss E Galvin
Premises Officer:
Mr J Donnelly
Lunchtime Supervisors:
Mrs. L Baker
Mrs. D Boland
Mrs. J Ireland
Mrs. A James
Mrs. S Pilkington
Mrs. M Wright
Breakfast Club:
Mrs. M McGrath
Mrs. J Ireland
Mrs. A James  


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