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We aim to give our children firm foundations in problem solving, reasoning, fluency in basic number and calculation skills which will prepare them for the future. As in English, we take every opportunity to incorporate maths into other areas of the curriculum. In Maths, we use Power Maths as our scheme, based on the National Curriculum Programme of Study. Our school is currently part of the Knowsley Maths Strategy, linked to the North West Maths Hub. To develop mastery in maths, children need to be enabled to acquire a deep understanding of maths concepts, structures and procedures, step by step. Complex mathematical concepts are built on simpler conceptual components and when children understand every step in the learning sequence, maths becomes transparent and makes logical sense.

Why do we use Power Maths?

  • It builds every concept in small, progressive steps.
  • Is built with interactive, whole-class teaching in mind.
  • Provides the tools needed to develop growth mindsets.
  • Helps to check understanding and ensure that every child is keeping up.
  • Establishes core elements such as intelligent practice and reflection.

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