Nursery (Foundation 1)

Miss K McIntosh  – Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs P Hodgson –  Nursery Teaching Assistant

Wow! What a busy start to the year! We have welcomed lots of new children into Nursery and we spent the first few weeks of September learning the class rules and getting used to our classroom routines. We are so proud of ALL our little superstars, they have come a long way since they first walked through our doors. They are now really good at listening to instructions and following the routines. They work as a team at tidy up time and everyone knows exactly where to put all the toys and how to sort them into the correct boxes.
All visitors into Nursery have commented on how amazing they are! We think they are amazing too!

Our days are very busy, and although the children are only with us for a short period of time, we manage to learn and do lots of new and exciting things.

A polite reminder that snack money (£1) is to be paid each Monday.

Nursery Spring 2 Overview