Nursery (Foundation 1)

Miss K McIntosh  – Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs P Hodgson –  Nursery Teaching Assistant

Hello Parents and Carers,

We hope you are safe and well.

The children’s learning is going to be very different this half term.  Usually the children will have access to lots of wonderful and exciting resources, lots of friends to play with and structured lessons including guided reading, phonics and maths.  In addition, we have small groups to move children’s learning along in any of the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  

We know that the best place for children to learn is in school but with that not being possible for all children at the moment, Mrs Hodgson and I have been working extremely hard to come up with a learning plan for children in nursery so that they don’t miss out on any learning at this crucial stage of development before they begin their reception year.  

Each FRIDAY an email will be sent to you with the following week’s learning timetable and a request for updates about your child’s learning.  

It is very important that you collect your child’s work pack each FRIDAY, as it will complement the work that will be given online.  Please ensure that you return the completed work the following Friday, so we can see all the wonderful work the children have done at home. The next work pack can then be collected.

 Some tasks will be set online using an app which you can download called SeeSaw.  

The Seesaw app is fantastic as you will be able to upload images and videos of your child’s learning and it is a quick way for us to keep in touch with each other. 

 In your pack this week, there are instructions for the app with a unique code for your child

 If there are any problems with the Seesaw app, please don’t struggle – get in touch and I will help you. 

I understand that this is an anxious time with additional pressures which can be very overwhelming for a family and I would like you to remember that what is most important is that everyone in your family is safe and happy.  That being said, your child’s education is still important.  Remember that in addition to the tasks set, playtime, family time and rest should be an integral part of each day.

If you require support, I am contactable during school hours via SeeSaw and email.  Please bear in mind that I will also be teaching key worker children in school so I may not be able to get back to you straight away.  

Let’s navigate these hard times together so the children are ready to return happy and healthy, retaining their love of learning.

Take care and stay safe, 

Miss McIntosh

Westvale Nursery Teacher

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